Lighted boats, dishes and dragons

The first thing you‘ll notice while visiting Ho Chi Minh City/ Vietnam is surely going to be the large amount of motorbikes, driving crazy, like they‘re cats (yk cats have lives). Crossing the streets – always a thrill… just don’t stop. And it seems like the Vietnamese can literally transport everything on their motorbikes (dogs,Continue reading “Lighted boats, dishes and dragons”

Typhoon and Quarantine, but we love it here

What do you associate with South Korea? K-Beauty, Gangnam Style, Korean war, K-Pop? We didn’t meet BTS (a famous K-Pop Band) but we did see some real nice looking princesses at the old palaces. The first week in South Korea has been kind of boring, for Lotti at least. After testing positive for COVID-19 atContinue reading “Typhoon and Quarantine, but we love it here”

Shakespeare and the Rattle Snakes

A Shakespeare theater play was one of the things we wouldn’t have expected to see, traveling through the California valley. The kids stayed at the hotel in San Luis Obispo and somehow managed to make themselves a proper dinner using just the microwave. And in the meantime Susi and Lutz took this opportunity and wentContinue reading “Shakespeare and the Rattle Snakes”

Rockets, Billy the Kid and a man o’ war attack

When we got to the beach of the lovely manatee hammock campground we saw some high buildings on the other side of the ocean. It turned out to be rockets at Cape Canaveral. Unfortunately Susi was sick so we had to leave her at the campground when we went to the Cape Canaveral Visitor Center.Continue reading “Rockets, Billy the Kid and a man o’ war attack”

Welcome to … the thunderstorm

Arriving in Miami we directly got first impressions of the USA – the way from the Airport to our hotel – gunshop after gunshop (I’m not even kidding), also a ton of big expensive cars (therefore, no one’s walking here). I really wasn’t joking with no one’s walking here – we asked at our hotel,Continue reading “Welcome to … the thunderstorm”

Matatus – the rolling disco busses

Matatus – busses used for public transportation in Kenya. But they are different very different to what we would call a bus back in Germany (you’ll see in the pictures below). The Matatus aren’t only used for public transportation but also as hair saloons, houses etc. Also there’s a challenge between the drivers to haveContinue reading “Matatus – the rolling disco busses”

World’s only Wildlife Capital

„The World’s only Wildlife Capital“ – Nairobi. But why is it the only wildlife Capital? There were baboos, penguins, … in Cape Town too? Well, I may tell you that this is because of the Nairobi National Park located directly in the city. We got the chance to visit this not so ordinary National ParkContinue reading “World’s only Wildlife Capital”

Swimming under a tea waterfall

In our last blog entry we talked about the Giraffes center and ice skating here in Nairobi, but what we didn’t talk about – Caro – our driver. Actually Caro was the first female Uber driver we’ve ever met – but also the nicest. So we exchanged numbers with her, you know so we haveContinue reading “Swimming under a tea waterfall”

Ice skating giraffes in Nairobi

We left Capetown without having an idea what to expect in Nairobi… Fortunately there were people on the plane which (unlike us) had a plan/ knew what to do in Nairobi. And literally everyone recommended us to go and visit or rather feed the giraffes at the Giraffe Center. Along with visiting the giraffes, oneContinue reading “Ice skating giraffes in Nairobi”

Photographers paradise: Capetown

With Capetown being 1.682km far from Ballito (which’d be a 19h car drive), we decided to go there by plane. So we had to make another stop in Durban – which was quite appropriate, because we wanted to do the free jump from the top of the football stadium there BUT unluckily this was notContinue reading “Photographers paradise: Capetown”

15 minutes until death

Lately we’ve been to a place, a pretty cool place actually. But we probably would never have visited “Monkeyland” if they had told us some more of the frightening details…-“Monkeyland”- a free roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary, which also is o.k. to visit ethically (the monkeys there are rescued from being held as a pet, beingContinue reading “15 minutes until death”

Get me a doctor!

We were enjoying our days in Ballito, surfing, doing some school work as well as exploring the town. We managed to go grocery shopping here, which was surprisingly as expensive or even more expensive than it’d be in Germany. And Ferdinand found a coconut, but unfornately it wasn’t ripe yet 😦 This city (we heardContinue reading “Get me a doctor!”

Kids attend local school in Ballito now

We totally fell in love with this place, called Ballito. Everyone here is extremly kind and they all seem so relaxed. Furthermore are the beaches beautiful. So there is a reason why it is the one of the most popular holiday regions for everyone, even the locals, in South Africa.  Besides the amazing beaches here,Continue reading “Kids attend local school in Ballito now”

First 24h in Africa: Woken up by burglars in our apartment

We started in Frankfurt and got to Durban after 22 hours with two stops, one in Dubai and another in Johannesburg, and all of this without any problems. Yes, flying that long is hard, so it was for us, but we got perfect service from the Emirates Team.  A friend of mine, Jörg, took usContinue reading “First 24h in Africa: Woken up by burglars in our apartment”

Do you do sports at home?

Lutz: football – without skills, but a lot of commitment. Ferdinand: Yeah he definitely does a lot of sports in his free time. He plays football, volleyball and jugger (you may not know what this is but it’s pretty funny tho). Charlotte: Gymnastics. and I can juggle Susi: She does something on a vibrating plateContinue reading “Do you do sports at home?”