Get me a doctor!

We were enjoying our days in Ballito, surfing, doing some school work as well as exploring the town.

We managed to go grocery shopping here, which was surprisingly as expensive or even more expensive than it’d be in Germany.

And Ferdinand found a coconut, but unfornately it wasn’t ripe yet 😦

This city (we heard it’s like this almost everwhere in South Africa) is parted in a rich and poor side – the organized, luxurious, surrounded by walls and fences, guarded estates and the fragile, unpleasent, not supplied enough townships.

Simbithi Eco Estate is one of the biggest in Ballito

Jörg and his Family invited us to their estate several times – the Simbithi Eco Estate- it’s one of the biggest in South Africa. In this estate there are multiple community centers, we’ve been to one of them, and it felt like a visit with a pizzeria and an outdoor pool we had a fun time with a lot of kids all playing together. This was the third pool in 2 days, maybe all those pools weren’t the best idea how we later should find out. By the way there are also tidal pools here where you can swim in saltwater without been rumbled around by waves:

the 90m long tidal pool is good for swimming and was out first snorkeling experience

On Tuesday Lutz woke up with a bad earache, which apparently hurt soooo much, we decided to get him a doctor. After the diagnoses she (the doctor) directly asked whether we’ve been to any outdoor pools: Yes we’ve definetly been to some. So we gave us medicine and Lutz unfornutaly had to take a break from surfing and swimming. Plus he had to wear a nice headband the next days.

Earaches can really hurt like hell!

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