Underwater Love

Singapur – a melting pot of cultures. With surely a lot of money in it – visible by (not only but especially) the skyline of Marina Bay.

Singapore is a so called „garden city“ – and they certainly put a lot of efforts to remain this title, they literally make it look like a garden everywhere. And this really big beautiful looking garden has got an airoport and a beach as well (it was amazing to take a short bath at the beach – but be aware of the jellyfish).

Best way of enjoying the incredible view of marina bay – during the night relaxing in the Singapore Flyer. 

From Singapore we took the bus to Malakka, a by lots of people recommended city in southern Malaysia. We arrived late in the evening but at the perfect time to visit the famous nightmarket. We didn‘t know that we‘d ever be able to eat so many different things in just one night…

As always, we wanted to learn about the history of both cities. After the must see national museum „the Intan“ was the most interesting Museum in Singapore. We learned about the Perakan culture and had a nice tea session ending with singing the german song „O Tannenbaum“ with the owner on the piano. We visited not only the history museum of Malakka to learn about all the influences due to colonization (Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese and finally Malaysian) but we also got to go inside of a (rebuilt) Portuguese ship from 1511 – Flora de la Mar. How did they build that without having a cordless screwdriver?

In Singapore we visited the huge National Art Gallery that shows art from different countries in south east Asia. The Architecture of the Buildings (Supreme Court and City Hall from 1920 combined under a new roof) was as impressive as the enormous amount of art shown there. To be honest we were a bit overwhelmed by the size of the collection. Malakka also had quite a lot but way smaller Art Galleries for us to visit. 

We enjoyed just walking through litte India and Chinatown in Malakka as well as in Singapore (but Singapore was a lot bigger tho with not only little India and Chinatown but also streets that you could have called little Turkey).

While walking around the streets wealways really fell in love with the graffities.

In Malakka we went Bicycling with Joseph (an AirBnB guide) through his village learning a lot about palmoil and rubber plantages as well a vegetable farms and the catholic community in the village. Finally Joseph invited us to his selfmade Bamboo house for some tea and buiscuits. 

A selfmade bamboo house doesn‘t sound safe? Well when Joseph told us about all the animals living right next to his house (squirrels, rats, frogs, ducks, dogs, mosquitos and snakes) we were glad to get back to our hotel. But just a day later when we left to get breakfast people were taking photos and the police had closed off the site, we suddenly didn’t felt that safe anymore. Why? A big iron gate fell down from the building next door right on top of our hotel…

We did see some animals – nothing special tho, mostly stray dogs or cats as well as rats, birds and lizards. The most interesting ones were the monitor lizards. Once sitting at a breakfast table we were able to film how they made love, underwaterlove.

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