Shakespeare and the Rattle Snakes

A Shakespeare theater play was one of the things we wouldn’t have expected to see, traveling through the California valley. The kids stayed at the hotel in San Luis Obispo and somehow managed to make themselves a proper dinner using just the microwave. And in the meantime Susi and Lutz took this opportunity and wentContinue reading “Shakespeare and the Rattle Snakes”

Rockets, Billy the Kid and a man o’ war attack

When we got to the beach of the lovely manatee hammock campground we saw some high buildings on the other side of the ocean. It turned out to be rockets at Cape Canaveral. Unfortunately Susi was sick so we had to leave her at the campground when we went to the Cape Canaveral Visitor Center.Continue reading “Rockets, Billy the Kid and a man o’ war attack”

Welcome to … the thunderstorm

Arriving in Miami we directly got first impressions of the USA – the way from the Airport to our hotel – gunshop after gunshop (I’m not even kidding), also a ton of big expensive cars (therefore, no one’s walking here). I really wasn’t joking with no one’s walking here – we asked at our hotel,Continue reading “Welcome to … the thunderstorm”