Waterfall SPA and Karaoke

Penang is an island in the north of Malaysia, known for it‘s history as a trade port and it‘s delicious food. Not even joking; people go there only to eat, they‘ve even got a foodmuseum. We stayed there in Georgetown for about 4 days and enjoyed the island.

After that we finally went to KL (Kuala Lumpur), the capital of Malaysia. Here are some first impressions (Penang/KL).

In Penang we visited the enchanting blue mansion, built by a rich and famous chinese trader. During the interesting tour with the current owner we learned some things about Feng Shui, the films that were recorded there and the trouble they had when a big hotel next door was built and cracked the mansions walls.

Being on the Penang Island gave us the opportunity to go up on the Penang hill by tram. We did it at night to get some beautiful views of the city.

Still, the during the night lightened buildings (plus the colorchanging bridge) in KL amazed us even more.

„Adventure hike to hidden waterfall SPA“ was an AirBnB Experience we found in Penang and couldn‘t miss. So we prepared ourselves to get wet either due to hiking (in spite of the humidity) or finally by the waterfall.

There too have been impressive grafitties in both Georgetown an KL.

We were lucky enough to get some shots of amazing sunsets of a temple and a mosque in Penang and also on our visit up the KL Tower.

All that delicious streetfood we found in every corner made by only a few ingredients. The meat and seafood can be purchased on the wet market in KL. We just took some photos and moved away quickly to get back to the final results of street food.

One of Malaysias biggest attractions are the Batu Caves. Those impressive Caves are filled and surrounded within by hinduistischen temples. In front there is a 42m statue of Lord Murugan. He is so big, that you nearly cannot see the bee nest on his hand, which too was pretty big.

When we went back down from the caves, the monkeys living in the area also decided to get down and scare/ amuse all the tourists. They wanted to get something to eat and tried everything from apples to (sadly) sunscreen and even face masks.

As always we had to visit all the museums and art galleries. The science museum in the Petronas Towers is definetly worth it as well as KLs Police Museum that showcased hundreds of weapons used by police and communist guerillas within last century. Lot‘s of them were selfmade eg. pistols made of screwdrivers which  maybe was the reason why photos were not allowed to be taken. And we should not forget about the food museum in Penang where we could make incredible food pictures.

The national art gallery in KL and the batik art gallery in Penang were most definetly our favorites.

When we were finished with exploring KL, we had about some time left so we decided to book a tour, called „Magical Kapung Baru“ were we wandered through a village in the middle of KL that was created in the beginning of the last century to supply fresh food to the still growing city. The contrast between village and city was amazing. But it got even better when the guide  invited us to a tea and snacks at his house.

His father who is still living in the house is a big karaoke fan (like lots of people in south east asia). And we were invited to sing together with him. Still Lutz is not the best, but it was fun anyway.

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