Welcome to … the thunderstorm

Arriving in Miami we directly got first impressions of the USA – the way from the Airport to our hotel – gunshop after gunshop (I’m not even kidding), also a ton of big expensive cars (therefore, no one’s walking here).

I really wasn’t joking with no one’s walking here – we asked at our hotel, if it’s possible to walk to the next grocerie store (would’ve been a 20min walk). Well, she thought we were joking…

Next day, we decided to check out the neighbourhood. There was a pretty cool park, where we played some basketball with some really friendly boys. And as we walked back to the hotel we discovered a kind of public transportion thingy. It was free so we tried it. Unexpectedly this the so called Miami trolley was completly empty, except for us of course. Miami does not only have this trolley, but also a free metro in downtown. Which of course we definetly had to try, a few days later but still this was perfect to see whole downtown Miami… – We even drove through on of the skyscrapers.

Also, we’ve payed a visit to Miami Beach, which we decided is not so enjoyable place (it’s loud, full of people, sun’s burning like hell – it’s just not it).

Miami sure has a wide variety of reptiles to offer – we saw turtles, snakes and iguanas regularly in front of the hotel. The alligators live in the canals, apparently (but at this point we haven’t seen any of them).

The pepperoni pizza from “little caesar” was soo good, and not expensive at all (comparatively). The breakfast at the hotel wasn’t what we expected – prepackagedfood, nothing near to healthy (well they did have apples but honestly no one there even lay an eye on them – more for us) and so so much rubbish. Plastic cups, plastic cutlery, plastic plates, plastic everything…

Also the amount of sugar they put into everything is exaggerated. A can of orange juice we got from a vending machine had like 53g of sugar in it – 17 cubes of sugar in a 0,33l drink…

Wynwood – street full of art, but like literally. Every wall’s full of graffiti. And I promise those graffities in the exhibition are worth the $12.

There a lot of thunderstorms in Miami, we didn’t ecxatcly experience one (luckily) but we sure have been warned by everyone we met. Not only the TV news but even the weather App got crazy with alarms…

But one day morning, everything was flooded – therefore going downtown wasn’t possible.

Didn’t they say they have alligators in the canals?

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