Shakespeare and the Rattle Snakes

A Shakespeare theater play was one of the things we wouldn’t have expected to see, traveling through the California valley. The kids stayed at the hotel in San Luis Obispo and somehow managed to make themselves a proper dinner using just the microwave. And in the meantime Susi and Lutz took this opportunity and went out to watch a Shakespeare in a vineyard drinking very good Californian wine.

The next stop though was more of an enjoyable adventure for the kids. Because the Paso Robles Mid State Fair had a lot of pleasant or rather not so pleasant carousels, which we had to check out. It was amazing and honestly better than all the fairs we’ve been to before. Also the barbecues where outstanding.

At Arroyo Grande, a horse ranch where we stayed at for some days we spend a lot of time with all the lovely animals.

But besides using the great kitchen and caressing horses we too had to visit the wonderful city of Pismo Beach where we enjoyed the beach to its fullest including rolling down the dunes, playing volleyball, swimming in the sea and trying out the 4-wheel drive with the rented car in the very fine sand.

Since we saw some oil-pumps while driving through the landscape and a bunch of oil platforms during our stop in Santa Barbara we had to google and then learnt about the USA not only being the biggest consumer of oil but also the biggest producer.

Shortly before finally reaching our last destination in the USA we rented an AirBnB in the near of the mountains, which we wouldn’t recommend. A ranch with lots of donkeys, horses, goats and even chicken but not many people, it did sound interesting and it sure was but not in the best way… There was a junkyard right behind the small house (in height as well, it was weird) and no working ac but 43 degrees Celsius.

We took some nice pictures on the first day. But then we stayed inside (someone told us about the rattle snake season and they’d be everywhere right now)…


We left without being bitten tho.

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