Ice skating giraffes in Nairobi

We left Capetown without having an idea what to expect in Nairobi… Fortunately there were people on the plane which (unlike us) had a plan/ knew what to do in Nairobi. And literally everyone recommended us to go and visit or rather feed the giraffes at the Giraffe Center. Along with visiting the giraffes, one guy also told us about ice skating in Nairobi – which sounded incredible or even unbelievable to us… But due to their recommendations we added both and other things to our list (visiting a tea farm, going to the National Park of Nairobi…) 

But our first experience (which was most definitely NOT on our list) – flying through thunderstorm.

Arriving at our apartmentcomplex, we familiarized us with the apartment, the gym, the pool… (also there’s a disco next to our apartmentcomplex – they’re partying every night till 3 a.m. – you can imagine what sleeping here is like hahah)

We also went grocery shopping – which was quite different to what we are used to – you know markets – everybody wants you to buy their stuff etc. But it’s more fun than back in Germany…;) 

Everyone loves Giraffes – we are no exception. So yes we definitely went to the Giraffes center (as everybody recommended it to us). And it was amazing – did you know a giraffe’s tongue can grow up to 50cm and is really really slimy? No? We actually didn’t too but after feeding a giraffe I can totally agree with the latter… We learned this and some other interesting facts (a giraffe eats up to 60kg acacia leaves in a day, gets as big as two story house,…) from the guy’s, watching out for people to not get butt headed by a giraffe.  

Ice Skating in Nairobi? – Yes, it is somehow possible, but only in a very expensive looking hotel (there also was a cinema, a trampoline,…). But still decided to try it out. I mean isn’t it cool to be able to say „I was ice skating in Africa“ – it is, isn’t it?

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