Alone in the forest

We started our Australia adventure in the wonderful city of Sydney. As always a guided free walking tour got us lots of information and after two more days of exploring we got lots of impressions of Sydneys beauty.

Sydneys botanical garden is an attraction by itself. We had so much fun with the cockatoos.

One thing we couldn‘t miss out in Sydney was the famous Bondi Beach with its surfers, graffities and style of living. We later saw some more beaches and must say all of them were great. Wonderful sand, warm water and no sharks at all 😉 Unfortunately we also didn‘t see Wales. The idea of just going for a walk to the beach and maybe see a wale mother with it‘s child passing by made us a little bit jealous.

One thing that should be mentioned as well in Sydney are the museums and galleries. Since most of them are free or cheap we visited several ones. Here are just some impressions. Can you spot the Picasso?

Being in Australia we definitely wanted to see kangoroos. So we rented a car and checked the internet for good points to spot them. Our kangoroo trip led us to a forest in the blue mountains in the north of Sydney. The landscape was wonderful but after getting into the forest we didn‘t meet anymore other cars. We later had to find out that the road we were using was a dead end. Unfortunately also our mobile phones lost the connection and didn‘t work anymore. So navigation wasn‘t possible. But then we saw the first kangoroo. It was dead on the side of the street probably hit by a car. It was followed by two more dead kangoroos which made us think what we would do if we get hit by a kangoroo here in the forest without any connection to the outer world. We drove on slowly and were rewarded with views of lots of kangoroos that were living in the forest.

After driving back we finally found some internet and with more driving into uncertainty (it was dark already) we got into a town with a hotel. The next day we visited Peter a very kind Australian we met in Vietnam. After Lutz had some famous Australian lamb from the barbecue and Lotti some vegetarian food we had a very pleasant stay at Peters home and got the recommendation to visit the reptile park were we finally met koalas. (They are so rare that spotting them in the wild is nearly impossible)

We really fell in love with Australia and at least Lotti definitely wants to go back there once again.

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