Winning the lottery

After a long, very tiring but as interesting uber ride with a talkaktive, controversal “not- republican” Uber driver, we arrived in Manhattan, New York City, New York. There was a far-reaching queue right in front of our hotel. Wanting to know what the people are waiting in line for, we asked and fastly joined the line. In view of the fact that we would get to experience a marketing event with Magnum ice cram, nail polish even cocktails as free gifts, it sure was the only sane thing to do…

We got the advice to start our stay in NYC with visiting the flat iron bulding (6min walk from our hotel), to find out about the big pride parade (or not so big compared the parade on the following day) taking place right there. Magnificent.

Nevertheless, the day wasn’t quite over yet, so after having dinner at Madison Park, we were still able to watch an astonishing sunset in the city that never sleeps.

A german friend told us about a free lottery thingy to win broadway tickets. So we definetly had to apply for several wins with different accounts.

The following days, we ran literal marathons trough the city of newyork (being in complete tourist mode, we wanted to see as much as we possibly could).

The breathtaking skyscrapers:

The Madison Times Square was crowded like all the time but especially in the evening (a little glimpse of what to see there).

The boat cruise around liberty island was too touristic but honestly is there a way around it anyway? Visiting NYC without taking pictures of the stupendous Statue of Liberty?

The bus tour at night too was truly spectacular.

 NYC skyline at night.

The glourious Grand Central Train Station. Out of a movie, right.

The museum of modern Art was way too modern for us (but take a look at these sensational pieces of art that we temporarily created there 🙂

Increduble views from the Top of the Rocks (with a dreamy sunset even)

We won the lottery (you know the hint from our friend in Germany). So yes we got 2 tickets for the Beetlejuice Musical with an amazing view at the stage (for just $50 each). But we all really wanted to got so we spontaneously bought 3 more tickets (cheapest category but view wasn’t not necessaryly worse). We spend an entertaining night (the musical had a lot of jokes) at the Broadway.

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