We didn’t know, officer

After spending such an incredible week in New York City a break was needed, very much needed. Fortunately, the Greyhound bus we decided to take next (to get to Canada) included a stop in Albany anyways. The capital of the state New York was therefore going to be our home for the following days.

In Albany there wasn’t too much to do – but we still managed to do some things: visiting the New York State Museum, going to the movie theater, cooking and playing a lot of basketball (including a laceration)….

The relaxingweekthingy in Albany passed by quickly. It was time to leave the US (at least for a little) and cross the border. We again took the Greyhound bus and soon arrived at our little apartment AirBnB downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Living in the city center was quite fortunate, because (just like we’re used to in Germany) we could easily reach everything by foot.

Canada gets quite cold in the winter so the Canadians they use the summer to party and enjoy the weather so there was lots to do there.

On the first day, we just walked a little through the city, where we discovered an Asian Food Festival right next to the pier. We tasted our way through different cuisines. The food was delicious.

Not being hungry no longer, we went to next festival right away. An amazing Jazz Festival.

There was a firework competition as well, which we defenitely couldn’t miss.

Just like in Washington D.C., there are lots of museums in Montreal too. We chose to visit one of the several art museums – the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal and it was great. 

As a pretty big city, Montreal has got a very busy nightlife. The main street being a 2min walk away from our apartement was quite fortunate – so the adults could go out for a cocktail and live music without having to worry…

Moreover, we spend a whole day in the city’s big park, where we had a small picnic and played a lot of volleyball.

Getting up before 6am to hike up the Chalet du Mont-Royal, Lutz took some wonderful panoramas of the sunrise and the city of Montreal.

Due to rain we didn’t got to go and see the botanical garden, but we instead visited the Biodome where we saw lots of exotic animals.

Seeing the otters and beavers play was pretty cool actually.

Street art was all over the city of Montreal, suchcoolthings. Fantastic.

Nonetheless, the absolute highlight was and still is the Montreal Cirque Festival. Three 15m tall Giants in the city coming to life every night with artists using them as stage.

Circus artists as well performed all over the streets (literally above the streets) all evening long.

Just the public toilets where a problem with so many people in the city at night. So when walking through the streets with all the circus activities Lutz bought a beer can in a restaurant to have a reason for the girls using the restaurants toilet. 

Walking the way back to our apartment we drank the beer without any hesitation. Just in front of our apartment a police car stopped and the policemen approached us. What did we do wrong? He told us beer in public is not allowed in Canada. But the policeman was as friendly as everyone we met in Montreal and didn’t bothered us more. He told us, he has been to Germany and has an idea about our drinking practice.

All in all Montreal was the best city in our trip (Sorry NYC). All the activities, French bakeries, the possibility to walk everywhere and friendly people made it outstanding.

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