Where are you from?

We are from Jena, Germany (but I can assure you we aren’t that weird German cliché (well at least I am hahah)) and I’m not gonna lie, it actually is pretty cool here.

My mom wants me to write that in Germany you can enjoy every season. She says that this is one of the reasons she likes Germany. Bella likes her friends here and I don’t know I think I like it in Germany because you can live freely, you can have your own opinion and fully express yourself yeah I think that’s amazing.

Also Jena isn’t that big of a city we’ve got about 100.000 inhabitants so when you’re going out it’s not too crowded. Plus it’s pretty clean here, like there is not much garbage lying around and because we’ve got lots of plants the air is fresh as well.

Winterlings in the forest near our house

Ferdi and Lutz, who are having fun around the Saale river in the summer.

Saale river is always available for adventures

Ferdi who is flying a kite in autumn

Flying a kite can be challenging you know because of the wind

Bella who is jumping into the snow and definitely enjoys the winter.

Snow activities in Jena/Germany

Jena has got 2 Universities with around 25.000 students. They keep the city young and innovative. There are also some industry companies like „Carl Zeiss“ or „Schott“. Schott is a glass producing company. Susi used to work there but now after 18 years she quit for our trip. My dad (Lutz) quit his job as well. He worked as some kind of computer guy I don’t know hahah. But let’s get back to Jena here’s also a lot of history to see, world famous authors like Goethe and Schiller lived in Jena and were connected to the university which by the way is more than 450 years old.

Here is a short film showing our hometown Jena

Jena from above at spring

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