Rockets, Billy the Kid and a man o’ war attack

When we got to the beach of the lovely manatee hammock campground we saw some high buildings on the other side of the ocean. It turned out to be rockets at Cape Canaveral. Unfortunately Susi was sick so we had to leave her at the campground when we went to the Cape Canaveral Visitor Center. It was an amazing experience and a lot to learn there. If you ever get the the possibility we highly recommend it. In minimum you will learn two things about Americans there: They can think big and they can tell stories.

St. Augustin claims to be the oldest city in the USA and we met an American hero here. Billy the Kid. You think he is dead? There is a „modern day Billy the Kid“ who looked like the original and was the first person we met in St. Augustin. He was so kind to tell us the crazy story of his live, show us the best spots of St. Augustin and his treasure hunter equipment. So we got a wonderful afternoon with an american original. And let’s not forget about Ferdinands childhood friend Hook from the Films of “Lightning Mc Queen”

We also were at one of the nice beaches in Florida, with wonderful water, best sand and life guards taking care.

After having some fun at the beach Lutz and Bella were the last in the water when the attack happened. Lutz noticed a burning pain on his leg like a nettle. While advising Bella to get out she got attacked as well. She got hit much harder and screamed. We went to to life guard who had a neutralizing spray and told us that this was probably a man o’ war. The pain reliefed over the day but the red leg stayed for more than 3 weeks.

That was the last beach we visited in Florida ….

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