Typhoon and Quarantine, but we love it here

What do you associate with South Korea? K-Beauty, Gangnam Style, Korean war, K-Pop?

We didn’t meet BTS (a famous K-Pop Band) but we did see some real nice looking princesses at the old palaces.

The first week in South Korea has been kind of boring, for Lotti at least. After testing positive for COVID-19 at the airport she had to be quarantined at a hostel – seperated from Lutz and the exciting city life in Seoul. She luckily didn’t show any symptoms, so she got quite some time to study, call some friends/ family members and one night she also got company in her room: a cockroach.

Besides coordinating the meals for Lotti, Lutz got plenty of time for photography and Seoul had plenty of spots to offer for this hobby of his.

The historic curved roof buildings, he took thousands of pictures (but those are the best).

The breathtaking skyline (from which he too took way too many pictures, once again only the best).

Seoul is a very safe city (one of the safest even), in terms of criminality. People leave there stuff at cafes without any care (they openly put there phones on the desk as a reservationmark). So we had to experience the exciting nightlife a bit. The national alcoholic drink is called Soju (15%-22%) and you cannot order glasses – just bottles. People did not order a bottle but a lot of bottles… We also tried it – and honestly it was good and very cheap as well.

Seoul‘s astonishing nightlife:

The colorful temples and shrines.

And some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Having Lotti back in the touristteam we went to see some more palaces and started visiting a fair amount of the many art museums and galleries.

There is a lot of history to discover in Seoul. If you are interested in old artifacts you have to visit the National Museum of Korea (In fact we didn‘t like it, because we are not interested in the artifacts but rather the whole story behind them). Which made us really enjoy the audio tour (3 hours) at the National Museum of Contempatry History as well as the War Memorial of Korea. We highly recommend both.

We originally planned to visit Busan and Jejo Island. But then the typhoon Hinnamnor did what we wanted to do and payed both of them a visit, so we kind of had to stay in the north and had to change the route…

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