In prison

After Manuel Antonio we got into the next wonderful Costa Rican beach town called Jaco. Directly on arrival we met a canadian girl who was managing a hotel that we directly decided to stay on. Sometimes it’s to good travel without plans – the Girasol with its wonderful garden was the best hotel we stayed on in Costa Rica.

Waves were frightening when we arrived. Later one surfer told us that he met some crocodiles that were coming from the river while surfing and we also saw the lifeguard rescuing some surfers that got into rip currents. What do you do if rip currents don’t let you back to the beach and crocodiles are your only company…  Luckily we decided not to surf in Jaco and instead enjoy the city and the beaches – on daytime as well as at night.

As always in Costa Rica we saw animals. On the horseback riding tour we finally got a good view on a sloth which was sleeping like every sloth we saw. But it than it happened. We saw some movement on the sloth. It was yawning. Then it fell asleep again….

After returning the rented car in San Jose we had one more day for activities. So we decided to go to the children museum which was built in an old prison. In fact it has been a panopticon where one single guard can observe all prisoners and they cannot know if they are being watched actually. There is lots of cool stuff for kids in there – unfortunatly not everything is maintained well. We still had a good time there and finally got out of the prison without any problems.

Also the small art museum is worth a visit. It is free and they really got some interesting things in there.

In the end we left Costa Rica. Next stop: USA

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