Photographers paradise: Capetown

With Capetown being 1.682km far from Ballito (which’d be a 19h car drive), we decided to go there by plane. So we had to make another stop in Durban – which was quite appropriate, because we wanted to do the free jump from the top of the football stadium there BUT unluckily this was not possible due to maintenance:(. So we enjoyed the day at the most beautiful apartment we’ve ever seen and ate at an amazing Indian restaurant.

Susi loved that place in Durban

With only being in Capetown for 4 days (wich definitely were stuffed with doing everything possible) we didn’t have the time for actually doing everything you can do there. We didn’t hike on top of the Table Mountain but we did visit the Aquarium, some lokal touristic markets, the Cape of Good Hopes and the penguins.

But the bad thing about Capetown is it being in the top ten cities with the highest crime rate (97,3 murders per 100.000 inhabitants in a year) – we didn’t feel safe at all, especially after discovering that. And all people we talked to felt the same – everyone advised us to not go out after sunset. Plus the wind was howling really bad every night.

Capetown at night

But finally Capetown is not only gangsters paradise: a big percentage of the people we met there were photographers. This may be because of the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the colorful painted buildings, the table mountain, the brave animals, the beautiful natural lighting …. So Capetown really is a photographers paradise. Here are some pictures from our short stay in Capetown (we missed the best sunset because we had to get some food):

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