Jungle Adventures

Before getting to Costa Rica the anxious part of our family constantly watched the weather forecast with a continously bad feeling. We are traveling in the rainy season.

More than 80% rain probability all day sounds bad? Sitting in the hotel room all day?

But no it wasn’t like that. The rain didn’t bother us at all. If it was raining… Mostly there was no or only one or two hours of rain a day. The climate is so nice that even rain while we were hiking to the volcano was no problem at all. Just nice sunsets and sunrises where rare. Luckily we got that nice picture of the volcano anyway.

So what to do in the volcano town after you visited the volcano and the hot springs? Luckily there is a lot to do. We did tubing. Never heard of it? Get a tube and helmet. Go into the fast rocky jungle river. Have fun.

Less adventure but also nice was the cooking class. We drove out of town to a nice ranch with a paradise garden filled with vegetables and animals in the neighborhood.

We cooked a yummy traditional Costa Rican meal on an open fire oven. 

The experience of cooking was just outdone by the meal itself.

More adventures were coming down the Zip-Line.

Also rappeling down through the jungle gives a whole new perspective and is definitely a lot of fun. 

We appreciated also the relaxing part of that tour.

Having all that adventures, education shouldn’t be forgotten. Costa Rica got you covered with a tour at the chocolate and coffee farm. The guide there was a real good story teller and we all learned a lot. He also claimed to be an expert in coffee just because he is in the jury of international coffee championships.

And he nearly got Lotti and Lutz when telling that espresso is just overroasted and not worthy. We learned as well that there is less coffeine in Espresso.

It took 2 days of thinking and getting back to the espresso addiction by buying a new package of Costa Rican Espresso beans. It’s just the other sentence he always repeated: „Everyone should drink his coffee as he likes.“

Let’s not forget about the chocolate we made ourselves. May it be Ferdinands milk and sugar chocolate dream or Lottis spicy burning notes. Everyone had it’s own flavor.

The biggest adventure of all should be the evenings in Costa Rica. Which kind of bugs will enter our house today? The big killer ants, a simple moth or worst of all the big cockroaches again. Being a father also means being waken up in your good REM-sleeping phase with „Papa there is a big cockroach in my room – you have to remove it“.

When we were complaining about bugs in Costa Rica someone later said to us „It’s part of the experience“. One reason more to look forward to our bug free home in Germany.

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