Do you do sports at home?

Lutz: football – without skills, but a lot of commitment.

Ferdinand: Yeah he definitely does a lot of sports in his free time. He plays football, volleyball and jugger (you may not know what this is but it’s pretty funny tho).

Charlotte: Gymnastics. and I can juggle

Susi: She does something on a vibrating plate for like 10 min two times a week, nobody exactly knows what she’s doing – we jokingly judge her about it ( But that’s ok because she laughs as well 😉 ).

Annabella: Can we call playing Minecraft a sport?

Ferdi on fire

We also have got some experience in unicycle, inliner, waveboard, tabletennis, chess, hiking, biking, running, swimming, skiing, snowboarding and more and we are always available for a volleyball match.

So we definitely are curious to learn new sports during our travels.

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