Tulips, friends and Nutella

Amsterdam – a necessery and for me (Lotti) very much convenient stop on our way to South America. It was not only convenient due to me being able to meet some friends (Amsterdam was their spring break vacation) but also due to them helping us getting unimportant and way too heavy luggage back home (so we won’t have to take it with us and are able to maybe buy some other stuff instead 😀 ).

Anyways, I really really enjoyed those two days with my friends exploring the city, eating very delicious food, just hanging out etc. and also getting a break from the rest – although we also did things together (which was also quite nice don’t get me wrong hahah). For example, all of us did take a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam together.

Same day only a little later (in the evening) Susi and Lutz went out to take some photos of the sunset which luckily was great.

Also as a group we went to visit the tulips of Amsterdam. Lutz was surprised actually – you know by all of us agreeing to go and look at flowers for more than 3 hours…  So yes we now are a part of millions of tourists paying money to take pictures of flowers.

While me and my friends enjoyed our time in the city center the others visited to the Nemo science museum (which they told me to recommend) in addition to the physics and biology lessons.

I ought to also recommend the hostel we stayed at – Via Hostel – it was nice really and also we just needed 15 min to get to the city center (by public transportation) plus there is a playground near by that we really liked.

Being back in Europe we definitely value the standards of living we get to enjoy there every day: big things like in general the cleanliness/neatness, traffic regulation, no need for fences or security but also small things like „the European public transportation“ or affordable Nutella ;-). Actually we bought a lot Nutella there – which we are  now enjoying (in Ecuador).

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