World’s only Wildlife Capital

„The World’s only Wildlife Capital“ – Nairobi.

But why is it the only wildlife Capital? There were baboos, penguins, … in Cape Town too? Well, I may tell you that this is because of the Nairobi National Park located directly in the city. We got the chance to visit this not so ordinary National Park and most definetly took it. As well as we took a lot of pictures in there. Here you go lions (yes we finally got the possibility to see some cats), giraffes, crocodiles, ostrichs,… and some of them right in front of Nairobis skyline. Impressive, isn’t it?

Although the trip started not as we had planned at 05:45a.m. but at 06:45a.m. due to the driver, who couldn’t find our apartment (yes we could’ve slept way longer), we got lucky and just because of his late arrival we were able to see a pack of lions hunt some buffalos (without suceeding though) and really a lot of other animals.

The almost last day of our 3 weeks long stay in Nairobi we got the opportunity to see quite a lot baby elephants in the David Sheldricks Elephant Orphanage. It was such an amazing experience I would most definetly recommend.

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