Lighted boats, dishes and dragons

The first thing you‘ll notice while visiting Ho Chi Minh City/ Vietnam is surely going to be the large amount of motorbikes, driving crazy, like they‘re cats (yk cats have lives). Crossing the streets – always a thrill… just don’t stop. And it seems like the Vietnamese can literally transport everything on their motorbikes (dogs,Continue reading “Lighted boats, dishes and dragons”

Typhoon and Quarantine, but we love it here

What do you associate with South Korea? K-Beauty, Gangnam Style, Korean war, K-Pop? We didn’t meet BTS (a famous K-Pop Band) but we did see some real nice looking princesses at the old palaces. The first week in South Korea has been kind of boring, for Lotti at least. After testing positive for COVID-19 atContinue reading “Typhoon and Quarantine, but we love it here”