More activities in Nairobi

With around 4.5 mio inhabitants Nairobi is big – like really big – there’s definitely a lot to see. Within the 3 weeks we stayed here we obviously did not only work we did a lot of things (just not special enough to get their own blog post…)

Walking distance, sounds nice doesn’t it? – The National Museum is in walking distance so yeah we obviously had to visit it. And the museum was great don’t get me wrong but the snake park nearby most definitely was not (I expected some stuffed snakes but not a zoo kind of thing). It was terrible. Not only snakes but crocodile, turtles and lizards lived (or rather starved) under very poor conditions. It was sad really sad.

The Waterfront is one of the expensive shopping malls in Nairobi. The food we got (West African cuisine) was good but much better – the waterpark and a game of paintball. It was fun definitely. 

Walking distance sounds great yes – but even greater would be the Kitengela Glass Studio, which is about 30 km far from Nairobi. 30km doesn’t sound too long – but I swear we drove about one and a half hours (the streets were bad, really bad – I am still wondering how the car did not get a single breakdown). 

After eating lunch and looking at the in every possible way used glass we had the opportunity to produce our own glasses. 

There was a shop which was fortunate/unfortunate due to Susi, Lutz, Ferdi and Bella who felt the need to buy things out of glass (we’ll fly and we do not know how we will prevent the glass from breaking – We’ll keep you updated).

Afterwards we bumped into Nani (she’s from Germany but lives in Kenya since always). Nani told us about the hanging bridge (she herself built 20 years ago) which we should most definitely cross. So a Massai leader showed us the bridge (didn’t look nor feel too safe) and nearly all of us followed him.

On the other side we did a safari by foot. We saw zebras, gazelles and baboos (they are big and scary really but the leader guy had a slingshot – it worked the baboos were scared of the slingshot but still they kept getting near us – scary). Still the slingshot wouldn’t have worked to prevent lions nor cheetahs from attacking, yes apparently there are cheetahs and lions but don’t worry they’ll only come out at night or mornign (that’s what the leader guy told us after the safari).

All kids love trampolines, right? So we decided to try a trampoline park inside one of the malls. The park (the graffities there included) was amazing!

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