Museum Marathon

Since almost everyone we talked to (during the road trip) recommended to pay Savannah a visit, we totally had to include this beautiful place in our further route.

Not only the historic buildings (built a long time ago) were exquisite, but even more charming – the spanish moss, hanging down from trees all over the city. Spunky.

A historical city = lots of museums, which we of course had to explore. In the first musem, the Prohibition Museum, we learned a lot (like really a lot, almost everything I’d say) about the bad side effects of alcohol, why it was prohibited to drink in 1920, how people drank anyway and why the ban of consuming any alcoholic beverages was lifted again in 1933. 

Additionally, to trying the “best ice cream” shop we had to give the scavengers hunt at the Webbers war museum a try. It was definetly worth it. The interesting newspapers with war headlines (mostly WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Korea, Civilwar) gave amazing insights into history.

The final stop was the Savannah history museum, where we recognized forrest Gump’s bench – we did watch the movie the night before to prepare…

On the highway in the north of savannah, there were a lot of ad’s especially for a place called „ the south of the border“. The many billboards claimed to have everything – rv camping, sausages, steaks, reptiles and even tequila. So why not go there? We stayed a night and honestly they had everything but customers. We rarely met people there and whenever they said the same thing – this place has not changed within the last 30 years. So we got a real life museum of a Mexico inspired highway stop with every souvenir one could imagine.

The night was scary tho. There was a thunderstormthing so we stayed inside the rv and played games. Later on, when the weather turned, there surprisingly was a red heaven thing, like everything was reddish and luminous. It was unreal we have never seen something comparable (it looks photshopped but I promise it’s not!)

Next stopt, the end boss of museum-fans – Washington D.C.

You could literally spend weeks visiting one museum after the other. You wouldn’t have to pay an entrance fee for the government museums at least (and they are big, like fourfloorsbig).

But don’t worry, you can spend tons of money on ice cream (small plain vanilla $10) and hotdogs – there are a lot of food trucks right in front of every museum.

We went for the the National Museum of Natural History. With the butterfly exhibition as the absolute highlight for most of us (a room full of living, dead and unborn butterflies). 

To see all the wide spread marble sights of Washington D.C. (the Capitol, the White House, all the memorials…) we took the so called circulator – a very cheap public transportationthingy.

Also, the other day Lotti and Lutz got to see D.C. from a height of 169m, or rather from the Washington monument which too is a museum. We got up at 6am to get the tickets, but it was totally worth it.

We additionally had to visit the national history museum with a short ride by bike through D.C. and a stop at the spy museum. We learned that the museum curators do love cars as much as the rest of the USA does.

The national gallery of art was a highlight in itself.

We’ve never seen such an impressive collection of art (from different centuries even). Sculpters, old religious paintings, the Wild West in oil and Van Gogh all of it was breathtaking, but the impressionists impressed us the most. e.g.:

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