Home is where you park it

We wanted to see New York but how to get there from Miami? No one we asked in the US could give us any hints about public transportation because they all drive cars all the time.

We thought maybe it’s a good idea to rent an RV (Recreation Vehicle) to get from place to place and without always packing our bags. And we would see some squirrels on the campgrounds.

Also a road trip might be a good idea to get to know the country. So we got our new home in the south of Miami for 3 weeks.  This was the biggest RV we ever had in our live. But we would have to find out that it was the smallest on every campground we visited in the US.

One room for five people. Will that work? We would have to give it back 1200 miles (2000 km) north in the near of New York.  After 20 minutes of introduction we were prepared to drive and live in the RV and were directly heading to find our first stop. Unfortunately there were still floods in Florida wich affected the RV Parks as well. We later found out that some camp grounds closed the stormy weekend before and told the campers to leave. But luckily we found a spot and there were no thunderstorms in the beginning of our RV trip. Some birds really liked their new flooded playgrounds.

Ok first night was easy but we would need food. For being also food independent we made a stop at Walmart filling our fridge and the rest of the new home with everything needed. Those supermarkets follow one of the american rules: „Go big or go home“. Food in the supermarket seemed not only expensive, all those „buy one get one free“ prices that forced you to buy more were just annoying. Later we found Aldi has also nice shops in the US that fitted our needs much better. From time to time we allowed ourselves some typical fast food.

The RV Parks we visited were nice and had some stunning sunsets

We mostly looked for good recommendations on Google and nice pools. 

There was an indoor pool as well good for trying some jumps

We maintained our volleyball skills whereever possible. And after watching the NBA Finals we got into some basketball addiction. But we also tried out every other sport available on the campgrounds.

You may ask: What is that thing on the last photo? We’ve got you covered with a slow motion.

After all those physical education lessons we also did some other school subjects

Beside the squirrels we saw a lot of other animals on our road trip like rabbits, fireflyies, dolphins, rays, lizards, manatees, puffer fish and all kinds of birds.

And we should not forget to mention the racoon baby.

We normally didn’t book RV Parks in advance to be fully flexible on our road trip to stop whenever we want. We were always lucky to get a free spot, except the last day where we were rejected at a full campsite. So in the middle of nowhere in New Jersey with no campground around the next 50 miles what to do? They said ‘home is where you park it’, right?

We saw a place with permanent mobile homes on our way – so we got back there, asked at the office, tried to look really desperate and get the permission to just leave our camper at a meadow over night there. The Landscape and the wooden and well painted houses remembered us at our sweden vacations as well as the friendly people.

Finally after driving more than 1500 miles we were really thankful to return the RV without any damage (we repaired the one damage we made while touching the first gas station – don’t tell the rental company).

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