Sleeping on the floor

As already mentioned – the plan was to get to South America (specifically Amsterdam – Madrid – Quito – Galapagos). It sure would have been a very long way, the final destination being the unique Galapagos islands with all their not so ordinary animals waiting for us. We booked it a while ago – long before our trip even started – so it was relatively cheap, for the distance you know. But guess what, it all came different (don’t worry we still made it to the Galapagos islands tho).

1st problem: 

The Airline had some trouble (probably a lot even) calculating the route  – and therefore decided to cancel our flight over the Atlantic ocean (Madrid – Quito). So we had to cancel this cheap flight and book a new one and as you may know booking a week before flying is much more expensive… 

It had some advantages though – because we now were able to experience the very scenic capital of Ecuador (Amsterdam – Houston – Quito (3 nights) – Galapagos).

2nd problem:

Nonetheless, the new route also had disadvantages: due to the stop in Houston (USA/Texas) we had to have a negative corona tests – which most definitely were not too easy to get in Amsterdam (they don’t even wear masks anymore). So yes, it definitely was a disaster to get these certifications – we made it, though it did cost us half a day. 

Thankfully, all of us got tested negative – so we looked forward to have a save flight while enjoying our last day in Europe for a while.

3rd problem:

Luckily we got our Covid-test the day before flying. Arriving at the airport, seeing the big queues a far too crowded airport – we very soon realized we would have never gotten a Covid-test (on time)… 

So, we put ourselves in the first and comparably very short queue – to drop off our luggage. Thence we could already see the horror of queue we would have to put ourselves in next – the security check.

As you can see in the video – there was no possibility to reach our gate on time…

We met some rude as well as very friendly people tho (all of them (including us fearing to miss their flights). It took hours and felt like days really. Also, Lotti got two injuries on her hand (don’t worry, small ones) due to the pushing… 

We unexpectedly made it through security and finally to the plane, which was almost ready – just one elderly woman who arrived after us (the plane waited for everyone!!).

4th problem:

It happens that during a flight there are some air puffs – you know it gets kind of bumpy – but on our way it was pretty bumpy, that on it’s own is not that big of a deal (expect for Susi who has a fear of flying, and Ferdi ….) though the announcements from our captain were: „There are a lot of thunderstorms in front of us and we do not know whether we will be able to fly to Houston or whether we’ll have to switch to another airport nearby.“  

He (the captain) stayed in the air tho (to wait to be able to get to our destination). He flew over Lousiana twice (in circles – so it got even bumpier). It didn’t really trouble half of us tho. Lutz was editing pictures he took in Amsterdam or watching Disney movies with Bella (they were seated together not like the rest of us) and Lotti watched documentaries about politics in Syria and North Korea, Manuel Noriega, Idi Ami…. 

5th problem:

The other ones had troubles tho. Susi fear of flying got even worse and Ferdi, well that’s quite a story – he threw up. Fortunately Lutz wasn’t sitting too far from him – still Susi had to get up and help (also quite fortunately because it distracted her really well). It was horrible tho. It smelt like puke – you know not too good. Quite an experience, that we would love to not have again.

6th problem: 

Despite the thunderstorms and the long queues in Amsterdam we were able to make it to Houston almost on time (2 hours late). 2 hours aren’t a lot right? – Well if our connection wouldn’t have been delayed, then we wouldn’t have made it to Quito you know.

Luckily or not so luckily they delayed this flight (due to the thunderstorms) – not so luckily because they did not only delay it once, they delayed it often – very often (6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 11pm -> 10:40am). 

We had to sleep at the airport (on the floor, with our jackets as a pillow or/and blanket) – well we decided to (there was a possibility to sleep at a hotel, but that didn’t made much sense because there were not enough taxis for all the stranded people.)

7th problem (less a problem than surprise but a good one):

In the morning we got two $20 meal vouchers each ($200 to spend on food in the following 48h). We spent 1/4 on our breakfast (Starbucks). 

That left us with about $150 that we’d have to get rid off in a short time. We thought about it and tried to spent the rest on something other than food – which unfortunately didn’t work (expect for a pair of headphone). So yes, we most definitely spent a lot of money on bad american sweets and chips …

Don’t worry we did arrive in Quito (a day too late tho) – a very scenic place, that we loved and wished we could have stayed longer.

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