The animal observation station

After visiting the jungle we wanted to see the beaches of Costa Rica as well. But going down the jungle road was other than expected. Luckily we did not have to drive through rivers as some of us feared but there was something else to take care of: Fog. Driving down a nearly endless road with switchbacks and not seeing more than 50m can get scary as well. We took some photos at a break. Can you spot all 3 persons?

At the stop we noticed that the breaks were hot like hell – so we switched to manual gears. Finally we made it down the mountain and just arrived at a beautiful resort in the middle of the country. They had wonderful Italian food, interesting animals a nice river, good wifi and fabulous wine. So we really enjoyed that one night there.

If you are going to the pacific coast you have to visit Manuel Antonio everyone told us. So we went there. On the way there is a crocodile bridge.

The AirBnB we booked there was outstanding. It was at the end of the town and just jungle behind it. 

So we got lots of animals to see. With windows and balconies in every direction it was just like a scientific animal watching station. 

The animals were so amazing that we decided not to go the national park because there would have been nothing new to see there. Even better were the fruits in the garden. We got fresh Coconut, Avocado, Carambole, Mangos and other things directly from the trees. But the best of all was our host Luis who was always available with every help you could wish. May it be help with the fruits like opening the coconut, shopping assistance, a football game, a rum tasting or just removing displaced animals. We are looking forward to host Luis in Germany.

Let’s not forget about the fears: There were thunderstorms. There were bug attacks every night – We were finally sleeping all together in the second floor with some Disney movies to calm us down. There was even an earthquake (strenght 4.6).

But Manuel Antonio also got a nice beach.

The waves were wonderful to extend our surfing experiences. It was so much easier here than with the big waves in South Africa.

Finally it was the first time we saw a parrot on motorcycle. Without helmet – that would have been forbidden in germany.

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