15 minutes until death

Lately we’ve been to a place, a pretty cool place actually. But we probably would never have visited “Monkeyland” if they had told us some more of the frightening details…
-“Monkeyland”- a free roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary, which also is o.k. to visit ethically (the monkeys there are rescued from being held as a pet, being an animal experiment, being an attraction in a circus etc.).
Getting there was definitely not as easy as expected – we had the learn the hard way that google maps isn’t trustworthy everywhere. The recommended route only made us ending up beetween sugar cane fields, banana plantations and finally nowhere but in front of a closed gate – we had to drive the whole way back through the fields and plantations.
When we finally got there a nice guide drove us to the forest (in which the monkeys and apes live).
Here are some nice pictures:

During the our tour in the forest, one little monkey was following (literally almost the whole time). And due to this behavior he is called naughty boy. The monkeys in the forest aren’t supposed to get in touch with humans at all, but little naughty boy was a held as a pet before he got there – so he wants attention (which we were told not to give him – we ought to ignore him, but he was so cute that ignoring him was almost impossible).

After the tour was over our guide finally decided that now the tour was over it’d be a great time to tell us about the frightening details. She said the reason behind the disappearing of 22 monkeys is probably due to some of the most dangerous snakes in the world – luckily we didn’t meet one the cobras, black/green mambas etc.

“You’ve still got 15-20 minutes to live if you get bitten by the Black Mamba.”
We asked ourselves what we’d do within these 15-20 minutes – probably die (you know, because how’d anybody be able to help or get help in this very short time period).


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