First 24h in Africa: Woken up by burglars in our apartment

We started in Frankfurt and got to Durban after 22 hours with two stops, one in Dubai and another in Johannesburg, and all of this without any problems. Yes, flying that long is hard, so it was for us, but we got perfect service from the Emirates Team. 

A friend of mine, Jörg, took us to our lovely AirBnB – one of the yellow balconies from the white House in the picture abowe.

And the first struggle? No WiFi! We didn’t realise how addicted we are to the internet till that moment. Searching for a restaurant? Calling an Uber? Whatsapp call with German friends? Remote school with grandparents? All impossible without having internet. So we needed to entertain ourselves in other ways. We explored the pool which was 27 steps (Bella counted) away from our door.

Most apartment units have pools in Ballito

In the evening we all got very hungry but without any connection nor orientation it´s hard to find something to eat. Luckily a guy called „Dick“ (I´m not lying, I promise) found us and drove us to a wonderful Mexican restaurant, he recommended.

Tacos from the Mexican restaurant

Ferdi spotted a wifi router and we finally were able to connect us to the internet. So after we ate our Burgers, Burritos, Enchiladas and Tacos, wrote to our friends and read some news. We called an Uber (which isn´t unusual here (it´s cheap and safe)) we got to bed very tired.

In the early morning (sun gets up early here at around 5:30 a.m.) Charlotte and Lutz tried to take some pictures of the sunrise, but unfornutaley there was none so we photographed the clouds and waves.

So Lotti got back to sleep (at least she wanted to) and Lutz ate some cookies and drank some tea at the balcony. And that was the moment the burglars decided to snuck inside.

Susi just heard Charlotte screaming: „Dad do something!“. So she got up very fast to see what’s happening. The burglars were leaving the apartment when Lutz came (Jörg had told us they do not respect kids or women, but men – so that´s why they didn´t leave, hearing Lotti screaming). But while leaving they took the cookies Lutz wanted to eat for breakfast. And later we found out the did not only rob us but also our neighbours.

Here are some fotos of those bad guys. We guess (and also kind of hope) we will see them again – I mean even if they robbed us, they´re cute aren´t they?

The ones with the blue balls are the alpha men. We were told to not get into trouble with them.

After this stress  in the morning we did some learning (if you´re homeschooling your children you´re the one to decide when aren´t you?:))

One thought on “First 24h in Africa: Woken up by burglars in our apartment

  1. Hey Kohl Family. Nice to read such wonderful stories about the start of your trip and first adventures. We will follow your news, and hope for next exciting stories 😉. Please stay healthy Jule, Marc & Family

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