6 safaris in 3 days

6 sounds a lot – yes – but having only 3 days in Saint Lucia (2h hours from Ballito – by car) we definitely wanted to get the most out of it. 

First safari wasn’t necessary a real safari – Charlotte and Lutz just wanted to see the sunrise and discover the beach in Saint Lucia… (we got lost occasionally – but we ended up at the beach anyways :D) Fortunately you could call our little walk a safari – we saw monkeys (which wasn’t particularly special because you’ll find them everywhere in South Africa – at least everywhere we’ve been); a lot of crabs (sadly most of whom were already flattened by cars) and in the end we actually got to see an eagle in the trees which was surprising but pretty cool.

Second safari was in the afternoon of the same (the first) day – a horse safari (doing a safari while riding a horse – it seemed a little curious in the beginning, but turned out to be such an amazing idea!). In fact the riding part alone was new for some (Susi and Lutz) but that wasn’t too bad – they gave us an extra guide because of… 

As Germans we arrived there way too early so we watched  the dung beetles as well as the monkeys (we had to scare these monkeys away from our borrowed car – so they wouldn’t leave scratches etc. – but these little boys were absolutely naughty, means scaring them away was pretty hard).

Finally riding through the wilderness we met zebras, impalas and warthogs (2m away from us – we could have literally pet them) – it honestly was our best safari.

Third safari – luckily the next day (three safaris a day would be too much, wouldn’t it?)-  a guided safari in the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park. To get through the 960 square km big area we unfortunately had to get up at 4:30 a.m. – our guide picked us up at around 5:00 a.m. and about one hour later we finally arrived there. 

In the beginning of the guided safari tour we all – us plus the nice family from Brazil (we were doing the tour together with) – have been a bit tired and hungry… But luckily the guy driving us had some breakfast with him (we knew we would get something to eat there but that wasn’t „something to eat“ that was a whole breakfast menu). So after eating we saw all these animals (giraffes, buffalos, impalas, rhinos,…) and Lutz was busy taking pictures almost the whole time. 

It was pretty cool but sitting in a car for 8 hours watching animals can at some point be a little bit boring – we definitely had fun but I have to mention that this safari just wasn’t the best one. 

Fourth safari – sitting in restaurant watching hippos walk by can be count as a safari, can’t it? 

Our Brazilian friends (from earlier that day) told us about the hippos here (which apparently walk around in Saint Lucia almost every night) – We decided to do as told (sitting in that one Italian restaurant at 8:00 p.m.) and believe it or not we actually saw three hippos walking by, not caring about all those people etc. 

– that was crazy – 

Fifth safari – day three in Saint Lucia – keen on seeing an elephant we wanted to do another safari by car. This time with Lutz being our guide (it was a self driving safari ;-)) 35km through Cape Vidal we saw Impalas, a ton of zebras, warthogs, even a buffalo and finally two very big elephants. 

You see that one zebra looking like a model – we named it Heidi Klum (you know this one supermodel from Germany having a show we have to watch every Thursday at 8:15 p.m.).

Heidi posed for about 10 minutes for us to take pictures from her and we did not only have one picture of her.

Sixth safari – and therefore our last – took place in a big lake here in Saint Lucia – by boat (don’t worry – but swimming with hippos and crocodiles wouldn’t be too cool). 

We saw a lot hippos swimming in the water literally two meter away from the boat – it was scary but also fascinating.

The guide told us that this lake is the home of about 800 hippos and approximately 1200 crocodiles (unfortunately we saw only the tail of a crocodile – so no crocodile photos yet). But you know what this means – no crocodile = a ton of hippo photos (and a gif of a yawning hippo).

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