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Crazy Halloween

Japan has always been a must visit country for Lotti and Lutz of us, unfortunately they closed up due to Covid so we didn’t plan on going any time soon (not this trip but rather the next). And when they decided to open up for tourists we…

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Alone in the forest

We started our Australia adventure in the wonderful city of Sydney. As always a guided free walking tour got us lots of information and after two more days of exploring we got lots of impressions of Sydneys beauty. Sydneys botanical garden is an attraction by itself. We…

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Beauty and thrills

Arriving at Hanoi we once again had to make our way through the motorcycle streets. The biggest thrill in Lutz life was the ride with one of the Grab drivers in Hanoi. Once figured out the traffic we enjoyed the beauty of the city, including some sights…

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Lighted boats, dishes and dragons

The first thing you‘ll notice while visiting Ho Chi Minh City/ Vietnam is surely going to be the large amount of motorbikes, driving crazy, like they‘re cats (yk cats have lives). Crossing the streets – always a thrill… just don’t stop. And it seems like the Vietnamese…

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Waterfall SPA and Karaoke

Penang is an island in the north of Malaysia, known for it‘s history as a trade port and it‘s delicious food. Not even joking; people go there only to eat, they‘ve even got a foodmuseum. We stayed there in Georgetown for about 4 days and enjoyed the…

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Underwater Love

Singapur – a melting pot of cultures. With surely a lot of money in it – visible by (not only but especially) the skyline of Marina Bay. Singapore is a so called „garden city“ – and they certainly put a lot of efforts to remain this title,…

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Cats and Zombies

We took the bus to get to Suwon, South Korea our next stop – a to (Seoul compared) small city (1.2mio). We knew about the beautiful old fort with it‘s surrounding wall, but what we did not know: We went flying in a hot air ballon (20min…

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Typhoon and Quarantine, but we love it here

What do you associate with South Korea? K-Beauty, Gangnam Style, Korean war, K-Pop? We didn’t meet BTS (a famous K-Pop Band) but we did see some real nice looking princesses at the old palaces. The first week in South Korea has been kind of boring, for Lotti…

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Bye Bye

We (knowingly) met our neighbours (from back home) in Anaheim. We had planned to visit Disneyland together (they’ve got two kids in the ages of Ferdi and Bella…very fortunate for amusement parks;)). Disneyland was amazing. We tried almost every ride and enjoyed them all (especially the StarWars…

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