Internship Eidu Nairobi

Charlotte and Lutz wanted to do a social internship while traveling. We read about EIDU and most definitely wanted to help them – the vision behind it is incredible! (see their video) and decided to contact them in advance. Which was a good idea – we talked to Bernd Roggendorf the founder of EIDU who told us even more about EIDU and in which ways we could be helpful. Which brings us to the actual reason behind our stop in Nairobi, Kenya…

In Nairobi we were welcomed by the Nairobi EIDU team and our remote contact Jan (he lives in Berlin – video calls) – our instructor – he told us to create a video and a textual description of 3 roles (EIDU officer – EIDU coach- ECD officer) of software users (personas). So we had to do 7 interviews which were absolutely interesting – it was impressing how passionated they are about EIDU and to enhance the education of every single child in Kenya (Lutz got goosebumps in almost every interview). We also created a nice recruiting video.

Most of the time we edited the videos and created the personas but Lutz also was able to join an EIDU training here in Kenya. He has seen such trainings before back in Germany but this was different: the attendees assigned several roles in the beginning (president, time keeper, energizer and spiritual leader) e.g. when attendees started to look tired the energizer assigned an energizing task – singing, dancing and stuff like this –   this was a great experience. 

Another great experience was when Anne (one of the EIDU coaches we interviewed) offered to visit the Kibera Slum with us (she was raised there and EIDU started there). We (Charlotte and Lutz) must admit we were afraid (research on the internet – leads to being afraid…). We didn’t really know what to expect but it was better than what we expected. The  way of viewing life was different there but we’re sorry we are not able to put it into words… Just ask us when meeting us in real world.

All in all – working for EIDU was amazing! Thanks to the great team.

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