Bye Bye

We (knowingly) met our neighbours (from back home) in Anaheim. We had planned to visit Disneyland together (they’ve got two kids in the ages of Ferdi and Bella…very fortunate for amusement parks;)).

Disneyland was amazing. We tried almost every ride and enjoyed them all (especially the StarWars rides…). Sometimes we even felt like being right in one of the movies :).

Ok but also the other themes of the two parks – Disneyland and California Adventure Park – were incredible (e.g. the Incredibles, Mickey Mouse, Cars…). But we wouldn‘t have able to see all of it, if it weren’t for the advice from our experienced neighbours – coming early (7:30am), leaving the parks at noon, spending 2h at the hotel (eating/taking a nap), going back and staying till midnight.

After saying bye bye to the parks and a needed resting day we did a sightseeing tour through LA.

Using a local guide instead of tourist busses really worked out well for us. We too have been able to learn about where and how the best Donuts in the US are made.

Finally, we had to say bye bye to LA, the USA and America, because we departed back to Germany. Our friends and family welcomed us back in Germany, it was nice to spend three weeks with them (we’ve even been to some summer events in our hometown, and also we celebrated Susi’s birthday).

But after those lovely three weeks (when school started again) it was (again) time to say bye bye. This time just Lotti and Lutz who (again) left Germany now heading to Asia.

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