Kids attend local school in Ballito now

We totally fell in love with this place, called Ballito. Everyone here is extremly kind and they all seem so relaxed. Furthermore are the beaches beautiful. So there is a reason why it is the one of the most popular holiday regions for everyone, even the locals, in South Africa. 

Besides the amazing beaches here, there are lots of possible activities to do here; on every menu are several international options (a mix out of different nationalities is kind of the traditionell food here, like curry in a bread) – everything we had was great. Lutz had a football match with an „over 40“-round (only people in their fourties or even older are allowed to play) and must admit that it is much harder to play with temperatures over 30 degrees and that the other players are faster than in all his German football groups ;-).

We finally managed to get SIM-Cards and are now connected to the world again. Since everything is perfect here we decided to stay little longer and booked a new AirBnB. So we´re going to stay here for further 7. This time with Wifi and an even better pool than last time.

there are frightening cleaning robots in the pool

After doing another few rounds of homeschooling we now managed to get the kids into a local school. The headmaster gave them three personal teachers. Everybody did really well during the first lessons, but we must admit Ferdinand was best.

Unfortunately it’s a surf school – which means we still have to take care of the other subjects on our own.

Ferdi standing on his board, first try – really made the rest of us jealous

8 thoughts on “Kids attend local school in Ballito now

  1. Hello Kohl family, these are really cool pictures. Ferdi really looks like a professional surfer. Have fun and always have a good internet connection.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hallo Ihr 5, Euch scheint es ja wirklich gut zu gehen. Genießt die schöne Zeit und streitet Euch nicht (was wir nicht glauben und hoffen). Das Leben ist viel zu kurz. Viel Spaß und weiterhin so schöne Bilder. Birgit und Hartmut


  3. Hello family, hello Lutz, very best greetings from rainy Jena. With much joy, pleasure and a little envy I have just discovered your page. Great reports, wonderfull pictures and most pleasantly written. BUT: In one point I need to contradict you. Nowhere are the players over 40 faster than Sunday 18 o’clock 😉 !!!

    I look forward to more pictures, reports, suggestions from you and wish all the best


  4. dear lutz. because of your – as you correctly stated – “manageable” football skills, we don’t have to run faster. how do you say “gelutzt” in english? Fun. take care of yourselves, have fun and enjoy the time together. Many greetings from your Sunday 6 p.m. round. micha


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