Cats and Zombies

We took the bus to get to Suwon, South Korea our next stop – a to (Seoul compared) small city (1.2mio). We knew about the beautiful old fort with it‘s surrounding wall, but what we did not know: We went flying in a hot air ballon (20min up and down), seeing the metropolitan area of Seoul from high above – really impressive…

Now – even closer to the coast we also wanted to put our feet in the Yellow Sea. So we decided to visit a nearby located island – Jebudo island. South Korea’s public transportation has been flawless until it took us more than 3 hours to get to jebudo island when it originally should‘ve taken us 1 (returning to suwon by taxi wasn‘t possible due to the national holiday (therefore another 3h back by bus). One bus didn‘t stop – the busdriver just drove by forgetting about us, another one just drove in the wrong direction for half an hour and googlemps told us to leave the Bus way too early…. It was exhausting. 

We then took the cablecar to get to Jebodo Island which was so cool (eventho no one there spook any english so it was quite hard to get tickets).

We enjoyed our last day in Suwon and then had to head back to Seoul where we rented an AirBnB in Gangnam (you know the song Gangnam Style?). We soon found out that it is the richest part of the city with all the Prada and Gucci shops, tons of expensive cars and a lot of places to get plastic surgery.

We love cats and we love coffee, but both together? We decided to try it out in Seouls Cats Café (there are cafés with raccoons, dogs and sheep as well). It surely is not something for everyone (especially Lotti since she‘s allergic to cats) – you have to be be prepared for these lazy cats (most of them were just sleeping) to jump on your table wanting to get a taste of your piece of cheesecake… We obviously weren‘t allowed to let them tho, but we could buy some cardio’s and feed the cats with it (not the ones with a yellow neckband tho- they ate  already too much..;)).

There really were a lot of cats (42 to be exact). Which one do you like most?

We spent our last 2 days in Seoul in an amusement Park – LotteWorld. It‘s got lots of parallels to Disneyland. From our point of view it cannot compete with the scenery the storytelling and the amazing shows in Disneyland. But also Disneyland cannot compete with the thrilling rides and amazing (affordable) food in LotteWorld Adventure Park. 

Since it’s already September, everything was Halloween themed. So we decided to do the Zombie Tour (without really knowing what to expect). The staff put us in group with four other people and we all had to hold onto a 2m long rope while walking through the zombie maze. There were several zombies scaring/following us which was really amusing until it got frightening when one of them suddenly brought out a real/ working chainsaw, running after us… We made it tho, don’t worry 😉

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